agINFRA - where agriculture, biodiversity and information technology meet

Morse, David; Bromley, Jane and King, David (2013). agINFRA - where agriculture, biodiversity and information technology meet. In: TDWG 2013, 27 Oct - 1 Nov 2013, Florence, Italy.



This poster will provide a brief introduction to and overview of the agINFRA project, a research infrastructure project funded by the EU. The project is developing a data infrastructure to support agricultural scientific communities through promoting data sharing and the development of trust in agricultural sciences.

Members of the project are working to provide tools, hosted in a scientific gateway, for creating a linked open data environment for agricultural scientists. The project will try to remove existing obstacles concerning open access to scientific information (including discovery and use of the data) in agriculture. The project consortium also seeks to improve the preparedness of the agricultural scientific community to face, manage and exploit the abundance of relevant data that is (or will become) available to agricultural researchers as data becomes more openly available.

It is intended that the project will promote research on food and agriculture, including research to adapt to, and mitigate climate change, and access to research results and technologies at national, regional and international levels. The overall aim of the project being to improve access to knowledge by creating a high level of interoperability between agricultural and other data resources.

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