Project briefing for an inclusive universal design process

Luck, Rahael; Haenlein, Hans and Bright, Keith T. (2001). Project briefing for an inclusive universal design process. In: Preiser, Wolfgang F. E. and Ostroff, Elaine eds. Universal Design Handbook. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional, pp. 4441–4449.


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The Americans With Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines state the minimum requirements you must meet but don't tell you how to do it. This complete HANDBOOK does and goes beyond with solutions to intransigent problems, innovations from abroad, and a wide-scoped vision of design that truly is universal.

Packed with examples of standards and design solutions from influential nations around the world including, of course, the United States and the proposed new Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines UNIVERSAL DESIGN HANDBOOK covers the full scope of accommodation issues from universally-designed buildings to internet accessibility.

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