“An unsuitable job for a woman? Gender and mental health nursing.”

Chatterton, Claire (2013). “An unsuitable job for a woman? Gender and mental health nursing.”. Bulletin of the UK Association for the History of Nursing., 2 pp. 44–49.

URL: http://ukahn.org/wp/the-ukahn-bulletin/


On the evening of Wednesday 12th May 1920 a demonstration took place in the city of Wakefield, in West Yorkshire. According to the ‘Wakefield Express,’ a large procession with banners flying, and with the city’s band at its head, marched through the streets of Wakefield to the Green Market, where a large crowd had assembled. Two lorries acted as platforms for a series of speakers. Speakers on the platform included union officials, local councillors and representatives from the Discharged Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Association. Mr GW Newsome, secretary of the Wakefield branch of the National Asylum Workers’ Union (NAWU), proposed the following motion, ‘That this mass meeting … deplores the continued employment of female labour in male wards at the West Riding Mental Hospital – work which prior to the war was performed by men.’

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