Who is the revolutionary in Being and Nothingness?

Pitt, Rebecca (2013). Who is the revolutionary in Being and Nothingness? In: O'Donohoe, Benedict ed. Severally Seeking Sartre. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 154–170.

URL: http://www.c-s-p.org/Flyers/Severally-Seeking-Sart...


This collection of twelve essays by scholars from the USA, Canada, the UK and Japan, presents fresh perspectives on familiar Sartrean subjects and novel approaches to neglected ones. Divided into four equal parts – Aesthetics, Philosophy, Politics and Revolt – its chapters reflect both the eclectic scope of Sartre’s project and the dynamic attention it continues to attract. Moreover, this intellectual interest extends beyond the field of “Sartre studies” and across the generations, from established specialists to younger academics regarding Sartre from some surprising new angles: Pop-Art and jazz prove to be revealing prisms, as do dialogues with Dennett, Ilyenkov, Badiou and Genet, among others. In short, this is a book whose original essays make a lively contribution to the continuing critical conversation around the work of Jean-Paul Sartre

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