Situ8: browsing and capturing geolocated user-created content

FitzGerald, Elizabeth (2013). Situ8: browsing and capturing geolocated user-created content. In: Proceedings of the CALRG Annual Conference 2013, 11-12 Jun 2013, The Open University,Milton Keynes.



The idea behind Situ8 is a simple one: enable learners to browse and/or create their own content that is geolocated, i.e. somehow related to a physical place in the “real world” (FitzGerald, 2012a). It was inspired by the popular mScape platform (Stenton et al., 2007), that enabled users to attach multimedia content to a map and deploy it through a mobile device, with such media being ‘triggered’ by a user’s geographical position, as measured by GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. However, unlike mScape, Situ8 allows both the creation and delivery of geolocated media i.e. it is a two-process.

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