‘Making Schools: spaces, objects and relationships’

Clark, Alison (2013). ‘Making Schools: spaces, objects and relationships’. In: Clark, Alison ed. Childhoods in Context (2nd ed). Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 163–212.

URL: http://www.policypress.co.uk/display.asp?K=9781447...


[About the book]

Childhoods in context offers a critical exploration of childhood, drawing attention to the physical and social context of children and young people's lives. Three key themes are explored:

· Childhood is always located somewhere. The book offers insights into childhood by focusing on places specially designed for children as well as the territories that children develop for themselves.

· Childhood is experienced through objects, people and places and through everyday routines. Discussions about childhood are rooted in the details of children's lives, whether on the street, in an institution or in different definitions of home.

· Childhood and adult identities are relational. Definitions and understandings of childhood are dependent on how adulthood is viewed. These themes are explored through accounts of home and family, school, public spaces and sites of work in local and global settings. They raise questions about methodological approaches to understanding childhoods in context which is the focus of the concluding chapter.

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