When is strategy: does timing matter?

Angwin, Duncan; Meadows, Maureen and Yakis-Douglas, Basak (2013). When is strategy: does timing matter? In: Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, 28 Sep - 1 Oct 2013, Atlanta, USA.

URL: http://atlanta.strategicmanagement.net/tools/sched...


Strategy researchers have long recognised advantages accruing to firms in the timing of their strategic moves, such as being a first-mover or fast-follower. There is also evidence of the importance of signalling strategic intentions to competitors. However, little has been said about strategy communications in differing institutional contexts, and whether the timing of strategy communications matters. When should strategy be communicated to the market, and do differing institutional contexts affect the impact of these communications? This paper examines the timing of voluntary communications during M&A activity in the UK and USA. We contribute to a debate in the strategy-as-practice arena about the importance of strategy practices in macro contexts, and explore how strategy practices may need to reflect shifts in the firm’s external environment.

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