Yellow Book Writers

Asbee, Sue ed. (2013). Yellow Book Writers. The Women Aesthetes: British Writers, 1870 - 1900, 3. London: Pickering and Chatto.



All the authors represented here contributed to The Yellow Book. The publication was so influential that the 1890s became known as ‘the yellow nineties’.
Lee and D’Arcy write with authority on art and aesthetics, while much of the poetry of Marriott-Watson’s The Bird-Bride is inspired by works of art. Music and art infuse the work of Custance’s Opals, whereas A Light Load by Radford resonates with love, loss and despair.
The short stories included continue the themes of aestheticism, with Nesbit’s portrayal of an independent woman with whom the story’s narrator falls in love, and Syrett tells the tale of an impoverished artist whose work is compromised by commercialism.

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