Measured displacement coefficients of an adjustable hydrodynamic journal rotor bearing

Martin, J. K. (2013). Measured displacement coefficients of an adjustable hydrodynamic journal rotor bearing. In: 12th EDF/Pprime Workshop "Solutions for performance improvements and friction reduction of journal and thrust bearings", 17-18 Sep 2013, Poitiers, France.



In simulating a proposed machine tool grinding wheel design, a bearing system comprised a stationary spindle or shaft with fluid film bearings supporting a belt driven rotor. Two hydrodynamic bearings acted in parallel, and built into the shaft were the means to effect continuous pro-active adjustments to their performance characteristics during operation, irrespective of load, speed and other running conditions. The design is outlined, as is a specially constructed test rig for evaluating it. A method for determining the combined displacement coefficients is given which used an incremental load technique with dedicated axis system selection. Observations are given on the bearings’ performance characteristics. The effects of the adjustments on rotor eccentricity are shown, along with the ability to maintain a given rotor eccentricity, including zero, irrespective of load and changes in load. Results of measured rotor displacements and displacement coefficients are also given showing that the bearing exhibited high stiffness at zero load and eccentricity, and that stiffness could be changed by adjustment if required, thereby “tuning” the system rotordynamics behaviour. Comparisons are made with results of others’ work on the measured displacement coefficients of a conventional type of tilting pad bearing. An approach to uncertainty estimation of measured data is included.

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