Social capital and environmental policies in Greece

Jones, Nikoleta (2011). Social capital and environmental policies in Greece. In: Leonard, Liam and Botetzagias, Iosif eds. Sustainable Politics and the Crisis of the Peripheries: Ireland and Greece. Advances in Ecopolitics (8). Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp. 201–216.



To plan environmental policies it is important to identify factors influencing their effective implementation. Regarding Greek environmental policy, several factors have been underlined in the literature influencing its implementation. These include, among others, the structure of state mechanisms, the existence of clientelistic networks, the weak civil society and specific characteristics of political culture (Bromley, 1997; Lekakis, 1995; Spanou, 1998). In the recent literature the social capital of a community has also been recognized as having a significant influence during the implementation of all stages of environmental policy (Jones, Sophoulis, Iosifides, Botetzagias, & Evangelinos 2009).

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