A comprehensive business model for Rapid Manufactured products

Hasan, Saad; Smith, Paul C. and Rennie, Allan E. W. (2008). A comprehensive business model for Rapid Manufactured products. In: 2nd International Conference on Additive Technologies : DAAM International Specialized Conference, 17-18 Sep 2008, Ptuj, Slovenia.


The use of Rapid Manufacturing (RM) in a mass scale depends on a sustainable business model. The context of RM functionality can be segmented into two scenarios: Scenario 1 being the potential of RM to manufacture products with complex design. Scenario 2 presents that, once identified, if a product is viable to be produced using RM technologies, then how would the supply and demand paradigm work? This paper tries to answer these questions through the means of an e-business platform for RM products. The principle function of the platform is to electronically settle the supply and demand over a virtual trading system.

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