Virtual Trading System For Rapid Manufactured products

Hasan, S. and Rennie, A. E. W. (2008). Virtual Trading System For Rapid Manufactured products. In: Ninth National Conference on Rapid Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing, 13 Jun 2008, Lancaster, UK.


Rapid Manufacturing (RM) has the potential to have an impact on a number of industry sectors. This paper presents research into a dynamic business model for the RM industry, where the supply and demand is matched over a Virtual Trading System (VTS). This is necessary because at present, the RM supply chain for many sectors is still in its infancy. In order to exploit the potential benefits of RM, the industry needs a supply chain model and this is where the VTS can be employed. The VTS is proposed as a platform where the entire RM industry can function in a competitive and mutually beneficial environment. It is based on the concept of an e-business mechanism. This paper introduces some core features of the model such as E-Catalogue and Reverse Auction, both being part of a Trade Engine.

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