Photophysical aspects of Lanthanide(III) complexes

Bruce, James (2001). Photophysical aspects of Lanthanide(III) complexes. In: Merbach, Andre E. and Toth, Eva eds. The Chemistry of contrast agents in medical resonance imaging. UK: J. Wiley, pp. 437–460.



There has been a huge increase in the use of MRI and contrast agents in medicine in recent years as evidenced by a big increase in the number of hospitals with MRI machines and the ever-increasing number of examinations using contrast agents. Contrast agents have revolutionized the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in medical diagnostics, allowing doctors to distinguish between normal and abnormal tissues and ultimately improving prognosis for the patient.
This monograph covers all aspects of production, use, operating mechanisms and theory of these diagnostic agents, used to produce high contrast images in MRI. It will therefore be unique resource for what is currently a very active domain of research both in universities and in industry.
The Chemistry of Contrast Agents in Medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a comprehensive treatise:
* written by the most active scientists in the field of contrast agents for medical MRI - from both university and industrial backgrounds
* covering the topic from every angle from synthesis to safety considerations
* invaluable to physicists, chemists, biologists as well as physicians
* the first in-depth coverage of this topic

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