Post-impact heating of a crater lake

Gilmour, I.; Jolley, D.W.; Watson, J. S.; Gilmour, M. A. and Kelley, S. P. (2013). Post-impact heating of a crater lake. In: European Planetary Science Congress 2013, 08-13 Sep 2013, London.



Lacustrine sediments from the 24 km diameter Boltysh impact structure record the rapid formation of an intra-crater lake. Stable isotope compositions and organic maturity parameters from the lake sediments deposited post-impact show that they were heated by underlying impactites. This heating is attributed to the establishment of an impact- generated hydrothermal system. Estimates of the duration of heating are ~30 – 40 k.y. consistent with the suggestion that crater lakes extend the longevity of impact-generated hydrothermal systems.

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