Supporting designer intention in sketching activities

Stevenson, David A.; Duffy, Alex H.B. and Lim, Sungwoo (1999). Supporting designer intention in sketching activities. In: 12th International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED'99, 24-26 Aug 1999, Munich.


The GEoMetric CONfiguration (GEMCON) project, conducted in the CAD Centre, University of Strathclyde, investigated means of providing appropriate computational support for early design through

• development of a uniform scheme for representing vaguely defined geometric concepts or geometric configurations at multiple levels of detail, suitable for re-use in downstream computer-based design processes, and of a constraint-based reasoning approach to supporting development of geometric configuration solutions [Guan et al, 1997];

• development of a sketcher-based user interface as a platform for investigating appropriate interaction mechanisms for rapid input of vague or concrete geometric information for establishing geometric configuration models, and for editing and presenting such models in ways suited to functional evaluation from multiple viewpoints [Stevenson et al, 1996].

The focus of this paper is the development of the sketcher-based user interface.

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