Student Lives Study: a selection of cases. Report 1: 2011

McCormick, Robert; Das, Sharmistha; Khatoon, Masuda; Paul, Ashok Kumar and Burton, Sonia (2012). Student Lives Study: a selection of cases. Report 1: 2011. English in Action, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



The Students Lives Study investigates the learning journeys of a group of students who have, at some point, been learning English in the classrooms of teachers who are taking part in the English in Action (EIA) schools programme. These teachers themselves are the subject of a parallel study entitled the Teacher Lives Study. Both studies seek to represent what it is like to learn and experience English language (EL) in a communicative way (and for the Teachers Lives study, also what it is like to teach) and to see how this develops over the life of the EIA programme. The Students Lives Study is the start of a series of small studies which follow a group of students over a period of up to seven years as they progress through the school system and beyond. (The Teachers Lives Study similarly has a longitudinal case study design.) Both primary and secondary students are investigated through the study.

The focus of the study is the experience of EIA for a student in terms of his/her life as an English speaker and learner, family and community member, and, if appropriate, an employee/higher education student. It explores how their views and beliefs change in relation to each of these facets of their life as they get older, within the period of the study.

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