Using gaming paratexts in the literacy classroom

Walsh, Christopher and Apperley, Thomas (2012). Using gaming paratexts in the literacy classroom. In: Proceedings GLS 8.0 Games + Learning + Society Conference (Martin, Chrystle; Oschner, Amanda and Squire, Kurt eds.), ETC Press, pp. 322–329.



This paper illustrates how digital game paratexts may effectively be used in the high school English to meet a variety of traditional and multimodal literacy outcomes. Paratexts are texts that refer to digital gaming and game cultures, and using them in the classroom enables practitioners to focus on and valorise the considerable literacies and skills that young people develop and deploy in their engagement with digital gaming and game cultures. The effectiveness of valorizing paratexts in this manner is demonstrated through two examples of assessment by students in classes where teachers had designed curriculum and assessment activities using paratexts.

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