ICT in higher education: policy perspectives

Kirkwood, Adrian (2013). ICT in higher education: policy perspectives. In: ICT Leadership in Higher Education, 24-26 Feb 2013, Hyderabad, India, pp. 36–43.

URL: http://cemca.org.in/news/ict-leadership-higher-edu...


ICT has the potential to enhance and transform higher education in many ways. Fundamental to the effective educational deployment of technology is an approach that should be informed by inquiry and evidence rather than assertions and hyperbole. Unfortunately, too few educators have the vision, imagination and drive to realise that potential for the benefit of their students; too many constrain themselves within models of teaching and learning that are no longer sufficient or appropriate. University policy makers need to be clear about the aims and purposes of using ICT in support of teaching and learning and be alert to policy implications for many aspects of institutional culture.

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