Art and Visual Culture: A Reader

Lymberopoulou, Angeliki; Bracewell-Homer, Pamela and Robinson, Joel eds. (2012). Art and Visual Culture: A Reader. London: Tate.


Art & Visual Culture: A Reader is an essential sourcebook for every student of art history, and ideal for anyone seeking a greater understanding of art and of the cultural and historical context in which it is made. Selected by leading authorities, this stimulating anthology presents the key texts that document the history of art over the past one thousand years – from the era of the Crusades right up to the present day. It includes many fascinating sources that have been especially translated and are published here in English for the first time.

Among the numerous artists, critics, art historians, philosophers and cultural commentators that feature are Aristotle, the Venerable Bede, Giorgio Vasari, Joshua Reynolds, John Ruskin, Charles Baudelaire, Walter Pater, Paul Gauguin, F.T. Marinetti, Erwin Panofsky, Nikolaus Pevsner, Jackson Pollock, Clement Greenberg, John Berger, Lucy Lippard, Thomas Crow, and Miwon Kwon. The combination of diverse sources, augmented by succinct introductions and a glossary to set the texts in context, guarantees that this beautifully presented anthology offers fresh perspectives for exploring and understanding art and visual culture.

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