Protein synthesis II: new proteins

Mileusnic, Radmila (2004). Protein synthesis II: new proteins. In: Riedel, Gernot and Platt, Bettina eds. From messengers to molecules: memories are made of these. Neuroscience Intelligence Unit Series. USA: Landes Bioscience, pp. 529–542.



The role of protein synthesis in long-term memory formation is still an area of intense scientific interest, which encompasses the study of mechanisms involved in gene expression and molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity. A number of low molecular weight compounds have been used to inhibit or enhance this fundamental cellular process. The pivotal role of protein synthesis in long-term memory formation suggest yet again that an understanding of how protein synthesis can be activated and regulated by events that ultimately lead to memory consolidation can lead to better understanding of the processes that keep our memories alive.

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