Ice chemistry in space

Ehrenfreund, Pascale and Fraser, Helen (2003). Ice chemistry in space. In: Solid state astrochemistry. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Solid State Astrochemistry, 5-15 Jun 2000, Erice, Sicily, pp. 317–356.


In this chapter we review the current knowledge on ice chemistry in space. We describe the basic processes of ice formation and destruction on interstellar grains and disucss the role of icy particles as catalysts in dense molecular clouds. In the following sections we describe laboratory simulation techniques such as low temperature infrared spectroscopy and surface reaction techniques which are used to obtain information on low temperature ices. We briefly review "observations" of ices in the interstellar medium and in solar system objects obtained from ground and space-based infrared data. Finally, we emphasize future studies, including infrared space missions, large telescope facilities and studies of ice properties in microgravity.

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