Abrege des Croniques de France, par Noel de Fribois

Daly, Kathleen ed. (2006). Abrege des Croniques de France, par Noel de Fribois. Societe de l'histoire de France. Paris, France: Champion.

URL: http://www.shfrance.org/publications.htm


This is a critical edition of the Abrege des Croniques presented to Charles VII, king of France, in 1459, by his counsellor and former notary and secretary, Noel de Fribois. Historians of mentalities and the development of the late medieval state have hitherto cited manuscripts at random, unaware of the complex relationships between different versions of the text, The current edition analyses the five redactions of the text, based on 23 surviving manuscripts, and provides a fully annotated edition of the version most representative of the text presented to Charles VII in 1459.It considers the text as a cultural product of the royal chancellery and entourage of Charles VII. It analyses its importance within the changing political landscape of France at the end of the Hundred Years War, as a conduit of ideas that were to create the Absolutist state of the early modern period.

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