OU environmental simulation facilities

Stevens, Adam and Patel, Manish (2012). OU environmental simulation facilities. In: 9th UK Planetary Forum Early Career Scientists Meeting, 20 Jan 2012, Milton Keynes.


This short talk aims to give an overview of the environmental simulation facilities currently available at the Open University.

These can be used by researchers to simulate environments ranging from the deep ocean to the surface of Mars to near-space vacuum, encompassing conditions on many solar system bodies of interest.

There are a number of different chambers available offering different features including; controllable ambient variables, varying illumination, and instrument windows for direct measurement. The department also has facilities to simulate impact events.

The flexibility of the simulation chambers allows for novel techniques to be used. Investigations could fall under many areas, including, but not limited to; exposure of biological samples to space or planetary conditions, geophysical studies of regolith or fluvial behaviour under planetary surface conditions, qualification or testing of space instruments under operating environments, and much more.

Interested parties are encouraged to discuss use of these facilities, contact Manish Patel m.r.patel@open.ac.uk for more details.

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