Editorial: ecopsychology: past, present and future

Jordan, Martin; Stevens, Paul and Milton, Martin (2010). Editorial: ecopsychology: past, present and future. European Journal of Ecopsychology, 1 pp. 1–3.

URL: http://eje.wyrdwise.com/ojs/index.php/EJE/article/...


Opening paragraph: One of the central tenets of ecopsychology is the articulation and examination of our psychological, including the emotional, relationships with the natural world. The fundamental challenge is to locate the human mind back within the natural world and to understand that this relationship is a reciprocal one (e.g., Boston, 1996; Schroll, 2007; Scull, 2009; Greenway, 2010). However, finding a 'core' language to represent ecopsychology as a unified discipline is problematic, and it might best be seen as a space for thought, language and practical actions that attempt to articulate the human-nature relationship which, thus far, other branches of the social and natural sciences have failed to do.

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