Power to the people

Stevens, Paul and Hemingway, Ann (2011). Power to the people. Occupational Health, 63(3) pp. 22–23.


The importance of taking health and wellbeing into account when developing public policy has been internationally recognized over the last decade. The UK government has prioritized wellbeing in the policy agenda, illustrated in reports by the Whitehall Wellbeing Working Group, the DEFRA Committee on Wellbeing and the Sustainable Development Commission, among others. Prioritizing wellbeing in the policy agenda has been supported by extensive research showing that promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace improves the working environment and is beneficial for companies and employees alike. Some key ways in which the evidence shows how organizations can improve the wellbeing of their employees are: 1. Recognizing that employees are people. 2. Provide an appropriate physical working environment. 3. Provide an appropriate social working environment. 4. Encourage environmentally friendly behavior. 5. Simple strategies for building a healthier work community.

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