Affective response to 5 μT ELF magnetic field-induced physiological changes

Stevens, Paul (2007). Affective response to 5 μT ELF magnetic field-induced physiological changes. Bioelectromagnetics, 28(2) pp. 109–114.



Research into effects of weak magnetic fields (MFs) at biologically relevant frequencies has produced ambiguous results. Although they do affect human physiology and behaviour, the direction of effects is inconsistent, with a range of complex and unrelated behaviours being susceptible. A possible explanation is that these effects, rather than being directly caused, are instead related to changes in affective state. A previous study showed that MFs altered the affective content of concurrent perceptions, but it was unclear whether the emotional response was direct or indirect. Here it is shown that exposure to a 0-5 μT MF (DC-offset sinudsoidal wave form) within EEG α-band frequencies (8-12 Hz), results in a reported change in emotional state. This relates to a decrease global field power but lacks the frontal α-asymmetry that would physiologically indicate a directly induced emotional state, suggesting that participant experiences are due to an interpretation of the effects of MF exposure.

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