Sex and Sexuality in Classical Athens

Robson, James (2013). Sex and Sexuality in Classical Athens. Debates and Documents. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.



From courtship and marriage to adultery and prostitution, Sex and Sexuality in Classical Athens takes a broad look at the sex lives and sexual beliefs of ancient Athenians. Chapters such as ‘Sexual Unions: Marriage and Domestic Life’, ‘Same-sex Relationships’, ‘Prostitution’, ‘Sex and the Law: Adultery and Rape’ and ‘Beauty, Sexual Attractiveness, Fantasy and Taboo’ explore both ancient accounts of sexual behaviour and the different ways in which modern scholars have understood them. This book also contains a wide selection of images and extracts from original sources in translation, providing direct access to the ancient evidence. Through engaging with ancient documents and modern debates, readers are encouraged to reach their own conclusions about the scholarly controversies that still rage about this fascinating area of Greek life.

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