Tales From Bush House

Ismailov, Hamid; Gillespie, Marie and Aslanyan, Anna eds. (2012). Tales From Bush House. London: Hertfordshire Press.

URL: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tales-Bush-House-Wolrd-Ser...


This book is an oral history of the BBC World Service from the perspective of its broadcasters. The 'tales' are based on a variety of research materials - from ethnographic data to witness seminars. They are stories gifted to the editors by former and current staff and depict, in the words of John Tusa, former Managing Director of the World Service 'why journalists did what they did, why governments objected, why programmes mattered, why news counted'. Bush House was the home to 40 languages and hundreds of broadcasters who learned to work together, facing linguistic, technological and geopolitical challenges. It is a case study in 'actually existing cosmopolitanism' that paradoxically emerged from British colonialism. The book shows what it was like to work at Bush House over nearly eight decades and it captures its creative spirit and atmosphere.

It is based on a unique BBCWS-Open University collbaoration between the Hamid Ismailov, BBCWS's Writer-in-Residence, Marie Gillespie and Anna Aslanyan.

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