Learning English, learning through English

Hewings, Ann (2012). Learning English, learning through English. In: Hewings, Ann and Tagg, Caroline eds. The Politics of English: Conflict, Competition, Co-existence. Worlds of English. Abingdon: Routledge in association with the Open University, pp. 93–136.

URL: http://www.routledge.com/books/details/97804156742...


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The Politics of English: Conflict, Competition, Co-existence explores policies and practices that affect the use and position of English.

The book discusses the ways in which people’s language choices relate to the history, politics, and economies of their local context. Throughout, the focus is on the international nature of English and its use alongside other languages in a range of contexts.

The book covers topical issues including the role that English plays in shaping migratory patterns, the English teaching and publishing industries, and the dominance of English in the global media. Key theoretical concepts are introduced in an accessible manner, and readers are given an in-depth understanding of the roles that English and other languages play as people mediate relationships of competition, conflict and co-existence in today’s globalised world.

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