The Politics of English Conflict, Competition, Co-existence

Hewings, Ann and Tagg, Caroline eds. (2012). The Politics of English Conflict, Competition, Co-existence. Worlds of English. Abingdon: Routledge in association with the Open University.



This book takes as its starting point the understanding that all language use is political in nature. That is, language is not a neutral medium of communication, but plays a significant role in the negotiiation of power relations - relations of conflict, competition and cooperation - between individuals and between communities. It is the primary means by which power relations are organsed and reinforced, as evidenced at state level by the writing and enactment of national policies and laws, and at the individual level in the the myriad ways in which people relate to others in their everyday interactions. In other words, the management of polictial, diplomatic and social relations requires or uses language.

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