Physiology, motivation and the organization of behaviour

Toates, Frederick (2002). Physiology, motivation and the organization of behaviour. In: Jensen, P. ed. The Ethology of domestic animals: an introductory text. Wallingford, UK: CABI Publishing, pp. 31–50.



The book covers behaviour, genetics, physiology and motivation, and social and reproductive behaviour.
Separate chapters on the behaviour of individual farm animal species and on dogs and cats, rabbits and rodents.
Authoritative contributing authors from the UK, USA, Canada and Scandinavia.
Fills a gap in the market for a concise, introductory text.
This book provides a basic, introductory text on the behaviour of domestic animals, a subject that is now taught to a wide range of students of veterinary medicine, animal science and biology. It also provides an overview of the subject for practising veterinarians and advisers.

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