If you're a fish, what can you know about the water?

Armson, Rosalind and Ison, Ray (2001). If you're a fish, what can you know about the water? In: American Society for Cybernetics 2001 Conference, 27 May - 29 May 2001, Vancouver, Canada.

URL: http://www.asc-cybernetics.org/2001/ArmsIson.htm


The authors of this paper have been engaged in Systems Thinking, Systems Practice and Systems Teaching for many years. In this paper they reflect on their experience of engaging systemically with their own organisation in order to bring about change. Re-structuring the Systems Department of the UK's Open University to create new sites for emergence of fresh ideas, interests and enthusiasms raised questions about meaning and purpose as well as theoretical questions about practice. The authors describe their own attempts to answer these questions and to manage their own evolving understandings and emotionings by reflecting on some critical incidents.

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