A multimedia tutorial shell with qualitative assessment in biology

Hall, M. J.; Robinson, David; Tucknott, G. and Carlton, Tracy (1998). A multimedia tutorial shell with qualitative assessment in biology. In: Charman, D. and Elmes, A. eds. Computer Based Assessment: Case Studies in Science and Computing, Volume 2. Plymouth: 1998 SEED Publications, University of Plymouth, pp. 33–38.


The project is developing methods to produce multimedia tutorials relatively quickly and cheaply, using a generic software shell suitable for any subject area. The shell is a version of one produced originally as part of the HEFC-funded TLTP initiative by the Biodiversity Consortium. Tutorials presented in the shell will provide the student with a structured learning experience that will allow their initial knowledge level or their knowledge acquisition and progress to be qualitatively and quantitatively assessed. Where areas of weakness are revealed by the assessment, students will be advised to study particular parts of the tutorial in order to improve their understanding.

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