What do students think works? Questionnaire on input presentation strategies

Costa, Francesca and Coleman, James A. (2012). What do students think works? Questionnaire on input presentation strategies. In: Marsh, David and Meyer, Oliver eds. Quality Interfaces: Examining Evidence And Exploring Solutions In CLIL. Kontinuum des Lernens (4). Eichstätt, Germany: Eichstätt Academic Press, pp. 92–102.

URL: http://www.eichstaett-academic-press.de/publikatio...


This paper is part of a Doctorate in Education study on lecturers’ input presentation strategies in CLIL for tertiary level programmes in Italy. As the literature states, the role of the input is crucial even in CLIL-type settings. In this study, 134 students were asked to fill in a questionnaire based on a Likert scale in order to obtain information regarding their evaluation and judgment of the input presentation strategies used by CLIL lecturers in tertiary level contexts. The input presentation strategies on which the students were asked to give an opinion are based on prior studies. Results show that the students appreciated most of the categories, which therefore must be considered to have face validity. In general, the least appreciated strategy is repetitions and the most appreciated one examples.

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