To be or not to be market orientated: a case of a small manufacturing company

Grinko, Natalya and Ellis-Chadwick, Fiona (2012). To be or not to be market orientated: a case of a small manufacturing company. In: Marketing: catching the technology wave, 2-5 Jul 2012, Southampton.



Researchers suggest that marketing-orientation (MO) is an evolutionary process and companies can move from unawareness to complete acceptance of the importance of the marketing concept as a means of guiding the development of their business activities. Some companies are inward-looking and managers focus on internal aspects of their businesses. This stance is particularly evident in small manufacturing companies where employees spend their working day involved in the production process. The extent to which an SME firm adopts MO is likely to be influenced by a number of key drivers and/or barriers. There is a significant body of research covering this topic; as a result the literature review is a summary of the most significant works and significant issues. The paper is structured as follows: a literature review, which identifies key characteristics of MO adoption and its antecedents, brief discussion of the research methodology and data collection, followed by results of the case-based study and discussion of the findings, limitations and managerial implications.

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