Including serious games in the classroom

Walsh, Christopher (2012). Including serious games in the classroom. In: Beavis, Catherine; O'Mara, Joanne and McNeice, Lisa eds. Digital Games: Literacy in Action. Kent Town, S Australia: Wakefield Press, pp. 94–106.


Although serious games are well established in gaming culture, they are rarely focused on as an object of study in secondary classrooms. This chapter explores ways of researching, playing and working with popular serious games with secondary Media students. It presents three popular serious games and outlines a unit that incorporates serious games in the classroom using online message boards. Importantly, it also outlines how classroom teaching and learning in the serious games unit is closely aligned with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards for the Arts (Media) and Communication. In conclusion, I outline the unit's final assessment tasks, where students were required to either make an argument for including serious games in the classroom, write a proposal for a new serious game or design their own digital game using GameMaker 7, a free popular game design software available online.

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