Anatomical model of information integration in prelimbic cortex in the rat [poster presentation]

Gabbott, P.L. and Busby, S.J. (2005). Anatomical model of information integration in prelimbic cortex in the rat [poster presentation]. In: British Neuroscience Association (BNA) Meeting, 3-6 Apr 2005, UK.



Anatomical Model of Information Integration in Rat Prelimbic Cortex (Area 32) - : Poster 68.01. Prelimbic (PL) cortex (area 32) integrates strategic autonomic, limbic and cognitive information underlying spatiotemporal behaviour. A quantitative neuroanatomical model has been constructed to define the structural integration of identified afferent synaptic inputs within rat PL cortex.
Using quantitative data defining the component neuronal densities and dendritic architectures of excitatory pyramidal cells and inhibitory interneurons, a dendrite model of rat PL cortex has been developed. In combination with anatomical anterograde tract-tracing data (defining the laminar distribution of identified afferent synaptic input from the basolateral amygdala, ventral CA1 hippocampus, lat. hypothalamus, mediodorsal thalamus and anterior insular cortex) the number of individual synaptic contacts between a given source of afferent input and the dendrites of specific classes of pyramidal and interneurons in PL cortex have been determined given a theoretically uniform pattern of target innervation.
The results indicate very sparse connectivity (less than 5 synapses) between identified afferent axonal arbors and the dendrites of an individual target PL pyramid or interneuron. The theoretical data provide important insights into the parallel processing of uniformly distributed afferent information and local excitatory and inhibitory circuits within rat PL cortex.
Sponsored by The Wellcome Trust and The Open University.

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