Super-rotating jets in a re-analysis of the martian atmosphere

Lewis, S. R.; Read, P. L.; Ruan, T. and Montabone, L. (2012). Super-rotating jets in a re-analysis of the martian atmosphere. In: European Planetary Science Congress, 23-28 Sep 2012, Madrid.



Strong westerly, prograde jets have been identified in the martian atmosphere between about 10–20 km altitude throughout much of the year in a Mars Global Circulation Model (MGCM) study [2]. The development of data assimilation techniques for Mars [3, 5] now permits the analysis of super-rotation in less highly idealized cases using an atmospheric reanalysis, as would be done for the Earth. This paper reviews recent atmospheric reanalyses, in order to validate previous modeling results, to quantify jet amplitudes and to diagnose possible mechanisms supplying angular momentum to the jets.

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