Transport planning

Potter, Stephen (2012). Transport planning. In: Tovey, Mike ed. Design for Transport: A User-Centered Approach to Vehicle Design and Travel. Design for Social Responsibility. Farnham, UK: Gower, pp. 107–120.



Transport planning is in a state of tension between two paradigms. There has been an attempt to move from transport planning being an activity that largely took for granted the factors that generated traffic growth into one that seeks to manage transport demand. However the need for this transition is little understood outside of a small transport professional elite, and so in the face of public scepticism, political support for the demand management view of transport planning is wavering.

For the designer involved with transport, this means that crucial aspects of a design brief can contain contradictions and are prone to fundamental shifts between and within projects. This is inevitable in a sector that is fighting over its rationale and focus.

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