RGU at ImageCLEF2010 Wikipedia Retrieval Task

Wang, Jun; Song, Dawei and Kaliciak, Leszek (2010). RGU at ImageCLEF2010 Wikipedia Retrieval Task. In: CLEF 2010 LABs and Workshops, Notebook Papers, 22-23 Sep 2010, Padua, Italy.

URL: http://clef2010.org/resources/proceedings/clef2010...


This working notes paper describes our first participation in the ImageCLEF2010 Wikipedia Retrieval Task. In this task, we mainly test our Quantum Theory inspired retrieval function on cross media retrieval. Instead of heuristically combining the ranking scores independently from different media types, we develop a tensor product based model to represent textual and visual content features of an image as a non-separable composite system. Such system incorporates the statistical/semantic dependencies between certain features. Then the ranking scores of the images are computed in a way as quantum measurement does. Meanwhile, we also test a new local feature that we have developed for content based image retrieval.

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