Using domain models for context-rich user logging

Dignum, Stephen; Kim, Yunhyong; Kruschwitz, Udo; Song, Dawei; Fasli, Maria and De Roeck, Anne (2009). Using domain models for context-rich user logging. In: Workshop on Understanding the User Logging and Interpreting User Interactions in Information Search and Retrieval (UIIR-2009), 24 Jul 2009, Boston, USA.



This paper describes the prototype interactive search system being developed within the AutoAdapt project. The AutoAdapt project seeks to enhance the user experience in searching for information and navigating within selected domain collections by providing structured representations of domain knowledge to be directly explored, logged, adapted and updated to reflect user needs. We propose that this structure is a valuable stepping-stone in context-rich logging of user activities within the information seeking environment. Here we describe the primary components that have been implemented and the user interactions that it will support.

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