Fluorine effect on As diffusion in Ge

Impellizzeri, G.; Boninelli, S.; Priolo, F.; Napolitani, E.; Spinella, C.; Chroneos, A. and Bracht, H. (2011). Fluorine effect on As diffusion in Ge. Journal of Applied Physics, 109(11), article no. 113527.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1063/1.3592962


The enhanced diffusion of donor atoms, via a vacancy (V)-mechanism, severely affects the realization of ultrahigh doped regions in miniaturized germanium (Ge) based devices. In this work, we report a study about the effect of fluorine (F) on the diffusion of arsenic (As) in Ge and give insights on the physical mechanisms involved. With these aims we employed experiments in Ge co-implanted with F and As and density functional theory calculations. We demonstrate that the implantation of F enriches the Ge matrix in V, causing an enhanced diffusion of As within the layer amorphized by F and As implantation and subsequently regrown by solid phase epitaxy. Next to the end-of-range damaged region F forms complexes with Ge interstitials, that act as sinks for V and induce an abrupt suppression of As diffusion. The interaction of Ge interstitials with fluorine interstitials is confirmed by theoretical calculations. Finally, we prove that a possible F-As chemical interaction does not play any significant role on dopant diffusion. These results can be applied to realize abrupt ultra-shallow n-type doped regions in future generation of Ge-based devices.

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