Moving towards adaptive search in digital libraries

Kruschwitz, Udo; Albakour, M-Dyaa; Niu, Jinzhong; Leveling, Johannes; Nanas, Nikolaos; Kim, Yunhyong; Song, Dawei; Fasli, Maria and De Roeck, Anne (2011). Moving towards adaptive search in digital libraries. In: Bernardi, Raffaella; Chambers, Sally; Gottfried, Björn; Segond, Frédérique and Zaihrayeu, Ilya eds. Advanced Language Technologies for Digital Libraries: International Workshops on NLP4DL 2009, Viareggio, Italy, June 15, 2009 and AT4DL 2009, Trento, Italy, September 8, 2009. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (6699). Berlin: Springer, pp. 41–60.


Search applications have become very popular over the last two decades, one of the main drivers being the advent of the Web. Nevertheless, searching on the Web is very different to searching on smaller, often more structured collections such as digital libraries, local Web sites, and intranets. One way of helping the searcher locating the right information for a specific information need in such a collection is by providing well-structured domain knowledge to assist query modification and navigation. There are two main challenges which we will both address in this chapter: acquiring the domain knowledge and adapting it automatically to the specific interests of the user community. We will outline how in digital libraries a domain model can automatically be acquired using search engine query logs and how it can be continuously updated using methods resembling ant colony behaviour.

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