Sporting Times

Woodward, Kath (2012). Sporting Times. Basingstoke: Palgrave.



Sport is all about time -the pressure of time, timing, 'extra time', but whilst records are kept and histories written, there is little engagement with what time is or how and why it matters so much in sport. Sporting Times explores temporalities through in 'real time', against the backdrop of the 2012 London Olympics. This book examines the idea of time and temporalities in sport, using time as a conceptual lens to explore movement, bodies, memory, disability, gender, sports reporting, technology and the role of the past and the future in sport as well as teachnologies of measurement such as those determining the length of a match and measuring and setting records. Written during the London Olympics, this book advances time and temporality as key features of sport in order to contribute to wider debates about time and mobilities, proving that we all live in sporting times and an interrogation of being in time in sport translate into wider experiences of temporality and the impact of time upon social and cultural relations and transformations.

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