Special Issue: Intercultural discourse in domain-specific English

Candlin, Christopher N. and Gotti, M. (2004). Special Issue: Intercultural discourse in domain-specific English. Textus: English studies in Italy, XVII(1) pp. 5–16.

URL: http://www.tilgher.it/(vqfzq245qk3pyzrhh3g4x5ad)/i...


This monographic issue focuses on intercultural communication
in specialist fields and its realizations in English for specific purposes.
The concept of interculturality on which this issue is built is
rooted in discourse, in line with recent research on interaction in
specialized domains. Indeed, language is approached here as inseparable
from a given socio-cultural configuration – not merely consistent
with it, but deeply involved in its construction of reality and its
representations. From single phrases to generic patterns, linguistic
constructs encode a culture-bound world view. The analysis of discourse
often shows that texts are not only where cultures are built,
but also where at times they are distorted, rejected or ignored.

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