Photometric science alerts from Gaia

Wyrzykowski, Łukasz; Hodgkin, Simon; Blogorodnova, Nadejda; Koposov, Sergey and Burgon, Ross (2012). Photometric science alerts from Gaia. In: Gaia-FUN-SSO-2 International Workshop, 19-21 Sep 2012, Paris, France.



Gaia is the cornerstone mission of the European Space Agency. From late 2013 it will start collecting superb astrometric, photometric and spectroscopic data for around a billion of stars of our Galaxy. While surveying the whole sky down to V=20mag Gaia will be detecting transients and anomalous behaviour of objects, providing near-real-time alerts to the entire astronomical community. Gaia should detected about 6000 supernovae, 1000 microlensing events and many other interesting types of transients. Thanks
to its on-board low-dispersion spectrograph the classification of transients will be robust, assuring low false-alert rate. We describe the operation of the Photometric Science Alerts system, outline the scientific possibilities and conclude with an invitation to collaborate in the ground-based follow-up Gaia alerts during the early months of the mission when the outcome of the alerting pipeline needs to be verified.

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