Spacecraft health and environmental monitoring from a CubeSat platform

Burgon, Ross; Holland, Andrew; Harriss, Richard and Sheridan, Simon (2012). Spacecraft health and environmental monitoring from a CubeSat platform. In: UN/Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium, 10 Oct - 13 Oct 2012, Nagoya, Japan.


The uncertainties in the outgassing/offgassing, dust/debris, and radiation environments within and surrounding spacecraft regularly lead to operational problems with technical, scientific and ultimately economically deleterious consequences. In this paper we present the outputs of a study into a small modular spacecraft health and environmental monitoring package deployed in a standard 3U CubeSat platform that will provide real time measurements of a spacecraft's immediate environment to inform operators and on-board systems of threats to spacecraft or payload "health" via a comprehensive and correlated dataset of many related environmental parameters. We also demonstrate a mission concept with this platform deployed in LEO orbit.

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