Valuing equities in the UK and the US: fashions and trends

Rutterford, Janette (2012). Valuing equities in the UK and the US: fashions and trends. In: Poitras, Geoffrey ed. Handbook of Research on Stock Market Gloablization. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 116–136.



About the book:

The stock market globalization process has produced historic changes in the structure of stock markets, the effects of which are evident throughout the world. Despite these transformations, there are relatively few sources examining the connections between the globalization process currently under way and previous periods of stock market globalization. This seminal volume fills that gap.
The chapters in the first section examine previous globalization periods through the lens of the corporate economy, valuing equities and managed funds. Further chapters address current issues such as the social closure of the exchange, demutualization and mergers and acquisitions as well as cross-listing and liquidity. The final chapters consider the regulatory challenges posed by stock market globalization. These include the pressures on regulators from rent-seeking stock market participants, the demise of exchange trading floors and Latin America’s stock market.
Timely, multi-disciplinary and practical, this informative Handbook will be an essential reference for students and scholars of economics, finance and accounting, finance professionals and security market regulators.

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