Exploring Pelagios: a visual browser for geo-tagged datasets

Simon, Rainer; Barker, Elton and Isaksen, Leif (2012). Exploring Pelagios: a visual browser for geo-tagged datasets. In: International Workshop on Supporting Users' Exploration of Digital Libraries, 23-27 Sep 2012, Paphos, Cyprus.

URL: http://ixa2.si.ehu.es/suedl/index.php?option=com_c...


When dealing with networked information spaces, there are two challenges a data navigation system must address: first, it needs to provide the user with a quick high-level overview of the nature and struc- ture of the data. Second, it must offer mechanisms to easily drill down and navigate to specific detail information. In this demonstration, we present the Pelagios Graph Explorer, a prototype visual exploration tool for place metadata which is derived from ancient world research datasets brought together by the Pelagios Project. Furthermore, we report on ongoing work on the Pelagios API. The API enables external re-use of the Pelagios place metadata, and provides a basis for future development of - and experimentation with - alternative navigation tools for the networked place metadata from the Pelagios project.

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