Modelling trace gas chemistry in the Martian atmosphere

Duffy, Maria; Lewis, Stephen and Mason, Nigel (2012). Modelling trace gas chemistry in the Martian atmosphere. In: European Planetary Science Congress, 23-28 Sep 2012, Madrid, Spain.



Dust-bourne heterogeneous reactions have been modelled using the UK Mars Global Circulation Model (MGCM) coupled with physics and chemistry schemes used in the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique (LMD) MGCM. The seasonal ozone column abundance has been calculated using a number of different dust scenarios. Reactions involving volcanically interesting species such as water vapour, SO2 and HCl have been included and tracer release experiments have been conducted to mimic short and long-term volcanic outgassing. The effect of these new reactions on the bulk chemistry of the Martian atmosphere has been quantified.

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